Small Pet Puppy Food Feeder and Water Fountain

Small Pet Puppy Food Feeder and Water Fountain
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Product Description

* Insures fresh clean water all day long, Water Bottle is dishwasher.
* Made of high quality and durable plastic materials, stainless steel tube with stainless steel ball tip
* This Pet Water Bottle can be attached to wire cages
* Package Content: 1 x Pet water Bottle, 1xpet Feeder, 1xpet bowl, 1 elevator bar.
* Come in 0.5L water bottle volume, 1.25kg food feeder capacity.

Pet Water Feeder perfect for puppy dog, cat, gerbils, mice, rats, hamsters, etc.Comes with cage-locking clip, easy to install.This is a small Water Feeder not ideal for larger pets.